Tuesday, December 13, 2005


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I went out tonight and shot some potential Christmas cards. I'm not really sure I'm that inspired, but here are a few possibilities. If you see anything you especially like or dislike, please leave a comment letting me know. The hormones are raging, and I'm having a hell of a time with lucidity right now. You'll have to click on the photos to enlarge them.


At Wednesday, December 14, 2005 7:51:00 PM, Blogger GetFlix said...

This one, while pretty enough, needs something to pull it together. Maybe it's too far away.

At Wednesday, December 14, 2005 11:53:00 PM, Blogger PixieGaf said...

I like it.

At Thursday, December 15, 2005 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Fmouie said...

I like it too LA. I love colored lights in general. When I went to Fla I almost came from the ethereal (at least from my perspective) look of the colored lights on the palm trees and pastel houses.

At Thursday, December 15, 2005 5:08:00 PM, Blogger LA said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys!


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