Friday, May 04, 2007

Top 25 Underappreciated Artists

This is Rolling Stone's list of Top 25 Underappreciated Artists. Who would you add? Delete?

1. Tom Waits
2. The Replacements
3. Cheap Trick
4. Sonic Youth
5. Warren Zevon
6. Big Star
7. The Pharcyde
8. Roxy Music
9. Talking Heads
10. Bob Seger
11. Fugazi
13. The Cramps
14. The New York Dolls
15. The Band
16. The Cars
17. Pogues
18. Alice Cooper
19. Dinosaur Jr
20. Sleater-Kinney
21. Husker Du
22. Devo
23. Wilco
24. Tom Petty
25. Ween


At Friday, May 04, 2007 1:53:00 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Man, when I was 17 - 18 I was Cheap Trick's number one stalker, err, fan . . . they were my favorite band, and they toured alot. I saw them probably 10 times over 2 -3 years. I was a big fan of the Cars too.

I would add Bob Marley, and delete the Band - I actually think they are over rated.

At Friday, May 04, 2007 7:31:00 PM, Blogger GetFlix said...

Is this an attempt to make us GenX readers feel hip? Because if I have to hear "Against the Wind" one more time I am going to run over Diane's Cheap Trick collection with Ric Ocasek's car.

No, but seriously, most of these bands enjoyed plenty of airtime and critical success. They just were not all destined for commercial success.

At Friday, May 04, 2007 10:05:00 PM, Blogger Ffleur said...

I've never heard of:
Big Star
The Pharcyde
The Cramps (ew!)

So I can't comment on them.

I love Bob Seger. He reminds me of a simpler time.

Sorry but Tom Waites voice just makes me cringe. I just want to say "cough for God's sake!"

I think Alice Cooper is appreciated and so is Tom Petty.

At Saturday, May 05, 2007 6:34:00 AM, Blogger M-M-M-Mishy said...

I would add The Tragically Hip (so very under appreciated) and delete Tom Petty. I think he gets his due.

I love Dinosaur Jr and the Pogues.

At Saturday, May 05, 2007 1:49:00 PM, Blogger prettykitty said...

radiohead. the fiery furnaces. fiona apple. van hunt. the wainwrights (all of them). and i agree about ween, the pharcyde and wilco. don't believe me? turn on the radio and you won't hear them anywhere.

At Saturday, May 05, 2007 11:44:00 PM, Blogger LA said...

I agree that Petty gets his due. I was kind of surprised to see him on the list.

Good call on Bob Marley, Diane!

I'm not a fan of Bob Seger, sorry Ffleur.

Sleater-Kinney is really a great band, BTW.

At Monday, May 07, 2007 9:25:00 AM, Blogger Prunella Jones said...

I agree with all of these. I'd add Liz Phair and Billy Bragg. And The Vaselines.

At Monday, May 07, 2007 8:33:00 PM, Blogger Mike V. said...

good list, though not really all "underappreciated" in my mind.

Petty rules. I've seen him 3 times live and every time it was great.

Which brings me to one I would add to the list, Los Lobos, who opened for him the time I saw him in 1999. They totally rock and are awesome.

At Wednesday, May 09, 2007 11:59:00 PM, Blogger EditThis said...

I wouldn't say so many of them are unappreciated. A lot of them, like the Cars and Cheap Trick, were certainly well appreciated in their day. And the Cramps will always be unappreciated commercially - they're true punk.


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