Tuesday, July 25, 2006

RockStar Supernova - Week 4 - My Predictions

Here are my predictions for the bottom three:

Okay, were you cringing along with me? Did you have your face hiding in your hands and your legs crossed tight at how humiliating it was to watch? And how wickedly funny was it when Dave Navarro told her to pursue a solo career starting immediately? Zayra, it's time to pack your bags, honey, this ride has reached the end.

Josh, what the fuck were you thinking? You practically BEGGED to be kicked off the show during the little chat after your horrendous slaughtering of No Rain. You suggested to the band that they conform to your style? Oh no, you didn't! The only reason you'll probably survive this week is because Zayra is such a tragedy.

Phil, I thought I saw a spark of something last week during White Rabbit, but apparently, I was mistaken. I like you Phil, and unless you commit suicide by choosing to perform Popozao on elimination night, you'll probably survive this week, the week Zayra finally goes down. But I'm afraid your weeks are numbered, honey, unless you really step up to the plate.

Speaking of stepping up to the plate, Dana and Ryan did just that this week and probably saved their asses in the process. I gotta tell you, though, I still can't stand to watch Dana perform. The way she tries to look fierce, staring unblinkingly into the camera is disingenuous at best. Ryan happened to perform one of my least favorite songs ever (I Alone by Live). He nevertheless sounded great, but I'm not revising my ultimate opinion of him (see last week's post).

I thought the band was a little unduly harsh with Magni and Patrice, although Patrice does need to change it up a little bit. I noticed Jill was in the bottom three at the end of the show. She's a mess, and watching her perform with Gilby Clarke tonight just reinforced how ridiculous she is. She belongs in the Britney/Christina/Jessica genre... choreographed and over-the-top on every song. I was glad that Gilby the balls to deliver the harsh reality for her because she was on top of the world and someone needed to bring her back to planet Earth pronto. On the flip side, I thought the props for Storm were a little grander than she actually deserved. Okay, she dove off the stage; but honestly, her singing doesn't really make me feel anything, and I can't see her fronting the band.

I'm waiting for Toby to impress me again like he did when he encored week 2. I like him, but he's gotten into a rut these last two weeks.

Bottom line... the competition remains to be between Lukas and Dilana. I love Bitter Sweet Symphony, and Lukas owned it. Just like Dilana made that Cyndi Lauper tune her own. The band loves them both, and the world will have to turn off its axis for anyone else to make the final two. Comments? Dissent?


At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 1:09:00 PM, Blogger kookla@work said...

Noooo! LA, you are so not getting hooked on my favorite reality show of the summer, are you?

Zayra sucks and that knee-flapping move in that drum majorette from space costume was laughable to say the least.

Josh is the Elliott Yemin of Rock Star. Soul/Blues whatever, it's all crap when he sings it.

Luckily for Phil, Zayra sucked this week. But that chinless wonder will get kicked to the curb soon.

As for the rest, buh-bye.

Lukas and Dilana are the only two with potential and the talent to back it up. Unfortunately, sometimes the band's feedback tells me they aren't looking for talent, but more of a rock star poser.

Wow. Thanks for posting this because I am too lazy to do it myself. I begged Grim to do it but he mumbled something about integrity blah blah blah.

At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 9:10:00 PM, Blogger LA said...

Integrity inschmegrity. I love this effing show so much! I don't know how I'm going to make it until next Tuesday. Oh wait, yes I do... Grey's Anatomy 2x a week plus DesignStar on HGTV!

At Friday, July 28, 2006 8:27:00 PM, Blogger prettykitty said...

haha you guys are funny. i love dilana. she's original, she's totally diplomatic and when she gave that girl constructive criticism, the nerve of that brat to dismiss it.


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