Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reality Bites

With the economy in the crapper and my dreams of owning real estate dashed, one might as well turn to fantasy.

See, my employer outsourced two more departments last week, and the rest of the hospital is going to be making 10 percent cuts across the board beginning next month, so I went ahead and picked up a couple lottery tickets for that $145 million jackpot tonight. I'm sure I'm going to win, and so I've been picking out dream houses in my local area that I will choose from when my fortune comes in. Let's look at one now, shall we? The first picture is right above this paragraph.

Here are the vital statistics. Casa LA is a 6-bedroom, 3-bath, 4435 square foot Spanish beauty built in 1930. It shares a gate-guarded street with only two other homes. The bones in this place are amazing. The asking price is $2,250,000.

And just to assure you that really, I'm merely a peasant with dreams that are modest, I leave you the top 10 most expensive homes on the market in L.A. today.