Friday, September 28, 2007

Week One of Fall TV

My, times have really changed. Only a year and a half ago, my television was in a perpetual state of unplug unless I rented a movie which was a twice-yearly event in a big year. Now, I subscribe to Netflix and I'm planning my life around the new fall lineup and having my brother email me the overnights (ratings). WTF is that all about?

Here's my brief run-down on the new shows I caught this week:

Big Bang Theory - Surprisingly funny.

Private Practice - Sucks donkey balls.

Big Shots - Decided to skip it at the 11th hour.

Dirty Sexy Money - So far, my favorite new show. The Darlings remind me of the Bluths from Arrested Development, and the fact that one of the characters is a tranny (but not a tranny hooker) played by a real-life transgendered actor is the kind of forward thinking I can get behind. The premiere episode was directed by Peter Horton, and I always love his work.

Reaper - Only caught the first half (of the first episode directed by Kevin Smith), but it looks good. I'll be back next week.

I'm looking forward to Pushing Daisies next week, and yes, I'm going to watch Cavemen at least once (before it's canceled), even though I know it's going to be worse than Private Practice. Donkey balls, people!

So, what new shows are you trying out this season?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mad Men is Picked Up for a Second Season!

Both TV Guide and E! Online are reporting that Mad Men was officially picked up for a second season!

This show has the potential to do for AMC what Sex and the City did for HBO... that is, put it on the map for something other than films. (Do you remember when HBO was strictly a movie channel?)

Anyway, Mad Fans, today's a day for celebration. Who among us wants Don Draper to hook up with Rachel Menken? And who loved Betty shooting at the birds last week in her peignoir with a cigarette dangling out of her mouth? This show is as dark as I imagine The Sopranos was but without the violence. In fact, the backdrop of 1960 makes the subversion that much more rich.

Anyway, three cheers for AMC.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Random Notes on Various Subjects


James Spader - Good on James Spader for pulling the upset in the Best Actor in a Drama category. Just like everyone else, I thought when I heard “James…” the next word would be “Gandolfini.” I’ve mentioned before that Spader brings his A-game week after week, and I’m happy his work was recognized. I’ve read all the bitching and moaning on the IMDb message boards about Hugh Laurie and Gandolfini being robbed. To the doubters and haters out there, I suggest you actually tune in to Boston Legal and experience the pleasure of Spader’s textured and complex portrayal of Alan Shore. (Photo from his 2005 Emmy win.)

BTW, is it wrong that I find James Gandolfini sexy? Because I totally do.

Katherine Heigl – I was stunned. I would have given the Emmy to either of her co-stars, but what the hell. Good for her. I bet she’ll be the first one to leave Grey’s for her burgeoning film career. Rumor has it Grey’s is going back to it’s winning style from seasons #1 and #2. If that’s true, it may not lose me as a viewer. But I’ll be watching from online because NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup deserves my viewership after the bullshit Grey’s pulled last season. You have to earn me back, Shonda Rhimes.

Sally Field – Another shocker, but I love her as Nora Walker in Brothers & Sisters (or Bros & Hos, as Ryan and I like to call it). Hysterical that Fox censored her criticism of the “goddamned war.” Fox has been making big bucks off the war; they can’t have Gidget talking smack about their main source of cash flow.

Tony Bennett – I have a strong sentimentality for Tony Bennett. I thought that it was sweet that he introduced his wife, and I’m glad he used his real name in doing so. It looks to my experienced eye that Tony is slipping, so I’m glad he was feted while he can still appreciate and enjoy it.

The Sopranos – I didn’t watch The Sopranos for two reasons. 1) I don’t have HBO; and 2) I can’t deal with that level of violence. But I enjoyed internet clips and always kind of kept track of it from afar, keeping an arm’s length distance from the brutality. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed having the cast come out and take a final bow. I got chills. And BTW, the music that was playing in the background (not The Jersey Boys, the music after the boy band left the stage), was that the theme song from the show? I loved that heavy bass riff, it was totally killer.

– Poor planning on HGTV’s part, but the finale of Design Star aired during the second hour of the Emmy’s. I taped it and watched it later. I liked both finalists, and thought Kim’s final design was the (far) better of the two. She did indeed win (and I voted for her), although I really expected Todd to win. I kind of had him pegged as the producers’ choice from week one, he was so camera-ready and pretty. Maybe these things aren’t fixed after all. Congrats to Kim, I’m looking forward to her show.

ROCK OF LOVE – Don’t ask me why, because there is no clear reason, but yes, I’m watching this trash. It’s a mystery to me how Bret Michaels manages to be a complete tool and yet likeable at the same time. It must be the same charisma that has sustained his career despite his mediocre (and I’m being generous) talent. That and pretty blue eyes. At any rate, last night he finally got rid of the show’s ringer, Lacey. Now he’s down to two girls, and I’m wagering he picks the stripper in next week’s finale.

ALAN GREENSPAN – Ha! Dude totally called Bush out on the war in Iraq, stating clearly and succinctly that it is, and always was, all about the oil. And now he’s desperately back-tracking. C’mon, old man, show some spine and stick by your original words. Of course it’s always been about the oil. See, it’s not that hard to figure out if you turn off Fox and stop thinking with your head up your rectum. Whenever a member of an oil family is living in the White House, we invade the oil rich countries that the cartel is not already in bed with. It’s pretty elementary logic. But I guess there are still a few Americans who think, despite the fact that there were zero Iraqis and 19 out of 20 Saudis on those airplanes on 9/11, that we’re somehow fighting terrorism in Iraq.

OJ – Ahhh hahaha haha ha ha ha hah hahaha hahaha ha ha ha!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Awards

Joan Rivers is so over that she's covering the Emmy's Red Carpet via live blog from her living room. That said, it's actually pretty funny. Here ya go.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


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I realize this is unwittingly turning into a photo blog. Bear with me. One of these days, I'll start using my words again.

Sweet Ruby

Sweet Ruby
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It's hard to believe that Ruby's visit to my house is almost half over. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to let my brother and his wife have her back. She's a very sweet girl, and we've been having lots of fun this week.

She has not barked once. Literally. This dog never makes a peep.

Ruby Helping Me Work

Ruby Helping Me Work
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I'm a medical transcriptionist, and I use a foot pedal to control the dictation to which I am listening. Here's Ruby getting in on that foot pedal action.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Trying Hard to Stand Still

Trying Hard to Stand Still
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Ruby tries hard to stand still as I try hard to hold the camera steady.

My Weekend

Nose to Nose
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I'm taking care of Ruby for the next week. I picked her up on Friday, and even though my cats like dogs, they have been intermittently protesting since her arrival.

Here's a rare display of diplomacy from Alfie towards Ruby. He vacillates between quiet curiosity and mad hissing.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Urban Exploring

Long Beach Blvd
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Head Dress

Head dress
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A cool shot I got in Chicago a couple of summers ago. I love that city.

Walker Lofts

Walker Lofts
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Another fantastic building in Long Beach I can't afford. Inside are fantastic lofts.

West Coast Choppers

West Coast Choppers
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The door @ Jesse James' place in Long Beach.

Cute Puppy Alert

 About 30 members of my extended family enjoyed a picnic on Sunday. One of my cousins was there with her new puppy and fiance. Here's the puppy.
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 My brother took the helm for the first time on my cousins' sailboat. I experienced conflicting feelings of pride and terror as the wind was up and the water was choppy. I do love sailing.
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T Party

 Lake Huron, Labor Day Weekend, 2007.
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I Can't Explain This

 Every time I get coffee, I pass this house with its garage door painted as such, and I ask myself, "Why, dear God, why?"

Does anybody here get it? Because I sure don't.

Anyway, I'm back from vacation, still trying to get caught up on sleep, but overall feeling well. I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.
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