Friday, September 19, 2008

Mad Fans, Mark Your Calendars

Jon Hamm is hosting Saturday Night Live on October 25, 2008. Unfortunately, the musical guest will be Coldplay. While they are playing, you could go put on your jammies or fix a bowl of ice cream or fast forward. You guessed it, I'm not a fan of Coldplay. Anydraper, an SNL-style send-up of Mad Men is rife with possibility, and I hope the writers can do the concept justice.

I wonder if this means Jon is going to win the Emmy Sunday night for Best Actor. They pre-announced some of the Creative Emmys last week, and Mad Men has already won four of the 16 for which they were nominated. I think Hamm is a strong contender for Best Actor, his main competition will be Hugh Laurie (long overdue) and Michael C. Hall (also deserving).

Speaking of Mad Men, I've refrained from blogging about it this season, but that's not to say my love for it has diminished. It hasn't at all. I'm just waiting for the stories to reach a fever pitch before I explode in words about it. Now that we're midseason, that time is definitely approaching. But I'm going to wait a little longer, other than to say I literally laughed out loud this past week when everybody's favorite cad-about-town Roger Sterling uttered the words, "Duck, Crab; Crab, Duck." The expression on his face was priceless and is just one of the reasons John Slattery is up for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy this weekend.

And speaking of House, do you guys watch it? I've watched it only intermittently over the last couple years. I recently Netflixed the series to see if I would like it any better if I saw it from the beginning which often happens for me when I start watching shows at some point other than at the outset. It didn't work for me with House. I think Hugh Laurie is outstanding and positively compelling as Greg House. Love him. The rest of the show and cast... meh. I tuned in to the new season premiere this week and thought it was a pretty weak episode. I can't believe no one figured out the patient's ectopic pregnancy. NO DOCTOR would have missed that, up to and including first-year medical students. Even without that gaffe, I felt the new season started out with a whimper. I found myself checking the clock a few times, never a good sign.

Anyway, there's no Mad Men this week because AMC wants you to tune in to the Emmys instead. I guess they are optimistic for a big haul. I know I am.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love LA

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Here's the story. For extra laughs, check out the comments, too.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ava Embraces Her Drop of French Blood

There's a tiny bit of French ancestry floating around our DNA courtesy of my mother, but that's not really what inspired me to knit up this baby beret for Ava. What it really came down to was I had some yarn left over when I finished Ava's cabled blanket (pictures soon) and this pattern within reach, plus I was chilling in front of the television over Labor Day weekend. Voila, as they say in Paris. She sure looks tres belle in it!

I spent the day yesterday with Ava and her mommy. I took Becky out to lunch for her birthday a month ago and we did some shopping and had some "girl time." Having no children of my own, it was interesting to note that there's an underground mommy movement in existance of which I was completely unaware. When you push a baby around in public, you and other mommies make eye contact and nod "what's up" to one another. I also noticed that the mommies give each other the quick once-over. Not sure if they're calculating how much baby weight you've lost based on the age of your child or judging you on the brand and price of the stroller you're pushing, but they're definitely making note of something. My sister-in-law is wayyyyy smaller than me, and she's lost most if not all her baby weight in 10 weeks (actually, in about 4 weeks), so I think most people assumed I was the mommy when I was pushing the stroller. Hopefully, they cut me a break considering the baby is only 2 months old and I'm obviously an "older" mom, therefore with a slower metabolism.

Anyway, Ava has trouble sleeping when people are over, and yesterday was no exception. After our girls' afternoon, we had family evening. My brother's birthday is next week, so my sister came up after work and we celebrated my brother's birthday at a place called Ragin' Cajun in Hermosa Beach (yum). Ava had no afternoon nap because what female naps when they are at the mall? She finally conked out on the drive from dinner to the gelato place for dessert, but she really hates sleeping if other people besides mama and papa are in the mix. She also laughs, giggles, grasps, dances around, has tummy time, and can almost roll over.

Okay, I just reread this post, and I think I need to reel in the estrogen. Wow.