Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Construction Zone

This is the view off the deck to my bedroom these days. The little bungalow behind me has stripped down to framing, and it looks like they are going all the way, filling up their backyard with house and building a big two story. You might be wondering why they didn't just level their house, and the answer lies in the tax code and the difference between reassessing your house if you "add on" versus "build new." But who cares? That's really boring. So the story here is I don't need an alarm clock anymore because the construction workers start making serious noise at 7:00 am sharp. I get some shots from the front, and we can follow this total remodel to completion. I regret I didn't know what they were doing ahead of time because I would have enjoyed taking a couple "before pictures." They house they tore down was actually really cute, but it was probably no more than 1000 square feet.

Here are two very spoiled kitties who pretend they don't like each other. But every time I look up, they have found a way to enjoy each other's company without actually touching. They don't fool me at all. Alfie's on the floor, Phoebe's on the ottoman with the leg hanging off the side. Cleo is the indifferent one. She was probably laying in the sock drawer when this shot was taken.


At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 3:16:00 PM, Blogger eddie said...

Looks like my mail route in Connecticut! All I seem to have are tear downs and rebuilds. I can't afford any of them anymore!

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 6:02:00 PM, Blogger prunella jones said...

Cats always look so comfortable when they sleep, don't they? I envy them.

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 6:33:00 PM, Blogger kookla@work said...

That remodel looks like a doozy. But those kitties are taking it all in stride! If you own, then your property value is gonna go sky high!

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 8:05:00 PM, Blogger norm said...

It's not boring to Norm!! He thrives on the intricate details of what you can and can't do. It really is funny how one can avoid paperwork and money by leaving a few studs standing!!

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 9:16:00 PM, Blogger PixieGaf said...

Your kitties are adorable LA.
I hate construction noises for some reason it puts me in a bad mood all day.

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 10:09:00 PM, Blogger joy said...

I love kittes, so much. Your's are prrrececiuous.

At Tuesday, August 15, 2006 11:56:00 PM, Blogger LA said...

eddie - I wish I were a contractor because I'd be a wealthy (and busy) woman right now. Actually, I would hate being a contractor, but it's probably the most in-demand profession in So Cal right now.

Kook - Sadly, I'm a renter, but my landlady is a wealthy woman (on paper).

norm - Is the same true (tax code-wise) in Boston?

Pru, Pix, Joy - My kitties saw hi!

At Wednesday, August 16, 2006 1:22:00 AM, Blogger Ffleur said...

Looks like the bungalow was being dwarfed by those houses on either side. It has to grow taller, just to keep up with the big boys.

Your cats are cute. Love the dangling leg.

At Wednesday, August 16, 2006 8:53:00 AM, Blogger norm said...

Norm is outside of Boston, but basically you can't sneeze there without a permit. Rural New England towns tend to "grandfather" situations. Building codes aren't necessarily enforced on older situations, as they are "grandfathered" or once allowed back in the day.

The same is applied for new construction. If for instance you had an old photograph of a boathouse that once stood on your property, you could rebuild it on the same site and avoid most of the wetland regulations.

At Wednesday, August 16, 2006 7:26:00 PM, Blogger prettykitty said...

la, i hope they don't work weekends. that would suck. that remodel isn't gonna block your view is it?

At Wednesday, August 16, 2006 11:44:00 PM, Blogger LA said...

Kitty, I don't have an ocean view, but the view out that window is to the marina which will be sort of blocked by the new house, but it wasn't much of a view to begin with. They've been working weekends, including Sunday, which is totally out of bounds.

Ffleur, I totally love the dangling leg. She's such a sweet girl.

Norm, sounds like you're very familiar with the city planning rules of your town!

At Thursday, August 17, 2006 10:47:00 AM, Blogger norm said...

In rural New England, Norm thinks it is the only thing to talk about. That and the weather.


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